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September 13, 2019 - BY Admin

Why Artificial Intelligence will change our lives

We stand at the cusp of a new horizon of progress, perhaps as great and momentous as the invention of the wheel. The invention of wheel and beginning of transportation gave a jump start to the development of mankind. If you look at the pace of progress before and after the invention of the wheel, you will find that the rate of progress increased a thousand fold after the wheel was invented. Rome conquered the world because they built roads across the known world and were able to move armies and resources across continents.

The advent of Artificial Intelligence is a development that will change the world and promote the rate of progress a thousand fold. We will be able to develop transport systems that are autonomous and supremely advanced over what we have today, We will be able to predict weather conditions with perfect accuracy, we will be able to provide highly efficient manufacturing, service systems and processes.

Manufacturing and services automation with AI will bring about a great leap in the nations productivity there by increasing the economic growth of the country. Agriculture processes and output will be improved and increased massively there by making us a nation which does not have to worry about shortages of any kind.

We need to launch ourselves with a passion into this movement. We will add our strength and intelligence and our experience to the movement. We are supremely confident of our contributions to the technology, business , the progress of the nation and to Human Kind.