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July 22, 2019 - BY Admin

Why we need Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

We live i the cusp of a new era where AI is overnight becoming a factor in our daily lives. We and especially the youth have to understand and master the technology that is fast on the way to becoming an integral part of our lives.

We are seeing a sea change in the way every industry functions, whether it be IT, Manufacturing, Transport, Logistics or any other known industry. The skill sets that we have relied on over the decades to provide goods or services are on the verge of being obsolete.

We thus face the unavoidable imperative to either upgrade our skill sets and our outlook or be overrun by this change. Simply put it has become a question of survival.

 The  Govt. of India has fired the starters gun with its # AI for all initiative. We are channelling our energies and expertise to create AI & R solutions and awareness among the youth, We aim to bring the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to the Small and Medium Enterprise market which will need to transform their mode of operation immediately or lose out on their competitive edge and market survivability.