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Automation Services and Solutions

Automate Your Operations and Processes to Reduce Costs and Achieve Efficiency

Businesses today are increasingly ardent to adopt Automation as a result-driven solution to tackle growing up operational costs and inefficiency. They are absolutely right on their way. Automation is offering them high efficiency and productivity on both internal and customer-facing processes.:

At USPL Airlabs, we offer world-class, tailor-made automation services and solutions for leading enterprises that help them solve their long-standing operational challenges. Our services help to achieve an optimum reduction in costs and time, so becoming more competitive and achieving quicker growth is truly possible.

Business Process Automation


Our Business Automation services enable all the major operation and production areas of business to get automated. Our major services and solutions on business process automation include:


·         Business Management Solutions: HR management, payroll systems, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, helpdesk solutions, and asset management

·         Enterprise Content Management: Workflow scheduler, DMS/RMS, document imaging, collaboration, web portal, and digital forms

·         Big Data Analytics: Business Intelligence automation


Finance Automation


Our Financial Automation Services focus on to automate all the key areas of your financial organization, including the automation of Loyalty Programs:


·         Networking and gateways for banking

·         Card and cash management

·         Reconciliation

·         Branch network transformation: Teller solutions, and self-service ATMs


Sales Automation


Our sales automation services help you generate more sales utilizing the following features:


·         Advanced list prioritization

·         One-click dialing

·         Pre-recorded voice messaging

·         Inbound call routing, and more.

In addition, detailed reports generated around every call allow you to gain insight into what works and what doesn’t.


Construction Automation


·         Building security

·         Home automation

·         Building management Systems

·         Customer visit management

·         Conferencing solutions


Manufacturing Automation


·         Tool path automation

·         Feature based machining

·         Manufacturing user defined feature

·         Automatic CMM programming


Marketing Automation


Our Marketing Automation Solutions cover all major digital marketing channels and ease your marketing efforts, from acquisition to advocacy.


·         Lead Management

·         Email Marketing

·         Consumer Marketing

·         Customer Base Marketing

·         Mobile Marketing


Automation on SAAS (Cloud)

Our Automation Solutions on SAAS help you automate:

·         Customer relationship management

·         Enterprise resource planning

·         Workflow system

·         Online archiving

·         Document management system


Retail Automation


From Point of Sales that includes hardware, software and peripherals, USPL Airlabs offers comprehensive retail automation solutions.

·         Mobile and service station solutions

·         Electronic cash registers

·         Store management software

·         Loyalty management software

·         Wireless paging solution

·         RFID, electronic article surveillance