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Most organizations grapple with quintillions of bytes of data every day, trying to figure out an information management strategy that could accelerate the flow of insights. This significantly complicates their big data solutions, increasing the cost of implementation and upkeep. However, big data engineering is not about using every bit of data originating from every source, it’s about making the smart decisions that accelerate business growth.


USPL Airlabs Big Data Engineering services enable organizations to conceptualize and implement a well-thought-out big data program across multiple domains and focus areas. 

We help our clients account for scale and platform readiness while developing Big Data Engineering capabilities to drive vision and value. Our big data solutions enable organizations to:


·   Find the right approach to collecting and connecting with data.

·   Connect the dots across data silos for generating actionable insights.

·   Develop and implement big data solutions across all business verticals.

·   Identify and resolve big data security risks ahead of time.

·   Maintain and manage big data services with ease.


We help organizations garner the right customer insights leading to newer revenue sources through cross sell and up sell driving profitability. From strategy road map, tech evaluation, and proof of concept to platform customization and implementation, our experts are always at hand to help you navigate all stages on your big data journey.