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Powering world class outcomes with analytics to help you reduce costs, increase revenue, improve compliance, and release cash.

Today’s Challenges

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) or finance executives often find themselves centre-stage on a myriad of issues in the wake of economic and business uncertainty. Along with the ever-increasing pressure to maintain the financial strength of an organization, CFOs are relied upon to enable the growth strategy. In a nutshell, the CFO faces the key challenges of:

·         Maintaining and enhancing top line growth in an ever changing landscape

·         Maximizing profitability and attaining an optimal cost structure

·         Optimizing cash by highly effective and efficient business processes Managing risk in a highly complex business environment

In this new era, where finance is the key collaborator to the business, CFOs need not only visibility and transparency, but also need to leverage data analytics for critical decision making and opportunity assessments.

An End to End Business Analytics service

Insights 360°  is our platform for actionable intelligence that focuses towards delivering visibility in the form of comprehensive drill down dashboards, deriving key insights and observations from the metrics, and providing “actionable insights” to clients, which have a quantifiable impact on their business outcomes. It enables root cause analysis from key KPIs to transaction level data and delivers insights on value levers that aid decision-making. It also includes simulators to enable scenario modeling and predictive models leading to recommendation of quantified actions. It is technology agnostic and has the flexibility to adapt to any architecture.

It is designed to meet the CFO’s agenda around four key objectives:

·         Revenue growth through supporting new growth and controlling potential revenue leakages

·         Margin improvement by analyzing spend to identify savings opportunity as well as diving deep into multiple dimensions of profitability

·       Cashflow improvement requires a coordinated effort to optimize Working Capital and manage strategy through Predictive analytics

·         Risk Reduction through proactive and continuous risk monitoring and triggers

The combination of our Insights 360° platform, Global Enterprise Model (GEM), advanced data modelling techniques and our Insights Center can boost finance transformation.

Delivering Business through Analytics

Our teams led by senior practitioners are recognized as specialists in their respective fields. The Finance Analytics team has a strong analytical background comprising of MBAs, Accountants Finance Graduates, Risk professionals, Data Scientists and Masters in Statistics who all have experience in Strategy, Consulting and Finance. To understand how you can leverage Finance analytics to drive business goals, contact our experts.