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IoT Applications For Retail


A survey conducted by the global technology company Zebra says around 96% of remaining retailers are ready to alter their brick and mortar store and office infrastructure to adopt the Internet of Things, while most of the leading retailers are already getting tangible benefits from IoT. 


Connected customers, connected operations, and the possibility to make strategic and informed business decisions – are the prime benefits that IoT offers for retailers.


At USPL Airlabs, we develop operation-centric IoT applications for retailers that can help to build connected stores, connect customers and further create the possibility to make quick business decisions. And it can even help in solving the showrooming. 

Benefits Of IOT Applications For Retail: 

Imagine the scenario when a home appliance is able to notify the homeowner about shortage of supplies or even order them all on its own. With the IoT, including proximity-based advertising model, everything in smart retailing is even easier today. 

Real-time Information Of Customers’ Behavior:

Shoppers today are informatively well connected than ever. By adopting IoT apps, retailers can have access to get real-time information of shoppers’ behavior, which helps to make physical retailing equally effective and competitive to online retailing. 

Connected Operations: 

Today there is an app for every operation in retail. By integrating dedicated apps in a unified IoT app system, retailers can achieve improved employee productivity, connected customers, decreased cost, and augmented sales. Unified ecosystem also gives access to operational and actionable data on the location and condition of tracked objects. 

Effective Tracking Of Goods:

Retail IoT applications can help retailers effectively track goods, and exchange real time information about inventory with suppliers in a facile manner.

Strategic And Informed Business Decisions:

With the IoT app, retailers can gain intellect to make strategic, informed business decisions that enhance customer experience and bring effectiveness while providing memorable experiences for their shoppers. IoT app acts as a center of operations for all connected devices in retail networks. It supports effective synchronization of data from and between multiple IoT devices dispersed in multiple locations. With the reduced sensor and processors cost, and comprehensive support of IoT app development companies, building a unified IoT ecosystem is even easier for retailers.