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You Manage Your Business While We Manage your Amazon Cloud

IT organizations have been blooming since the beginning of this century, but one thing which continues to remain as a challenge is the management of the maximum values of their IT investment, such as investment that is being made in the virtualization and cloud technologies. Another common challenge that comes with it is the focus required for adding strategic values in their IT business.

As an Enterprise Managed Cloud Service provider, Rapyder provides relief from the pain by offering Managed Cloud Services with 24/7/365 support covering the maintenance of the services required in the cloud-based and virtualization infrastructure.

Our Approach for Managed Cloud Services

At USPL Airlabs, we develop a clear understanding of client’s business and requirements and impact of future technologies in their business. We aim at providing cost-effective services and solutions that will transform the way clients do business while improving the customer experience.

As an Enterprise Managed Cloud Services provider we not only focus on the infrastructure, but also the customers’ action requirement. Every client is unique for us; therefore we exclusively provide them with a technical account manager who takes care of:

·            Rapid on-boarding

·            Run-the-business

·            Optimization of customers application

The three primary objectives of USPL Airlabs are to simplify, accelerate, and automate your business.  With years of experience and domain expertise, we help you business empower innovation, consult with the experts, improve agility, and gain competitive advantage. With real-time monitoring, continuous automation, quick on-boarding, backups monitoring, incident support, monthly security audits & reviews, automated ticketing, database monitoring, and cost audits, we help you acheive your business objectives.