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Most retailers with simple rules-based recommendations, segmentation, and targeting, fail to deliver the kind of transformative and new age experience their customers ask for. Delivering intense personalization across customer journeys and touchpoints has evolved by leaps and bounds and has transcended transaction histories. Modern day retailers collect, analyze data like Location, Social sentiment, Clickstream data to deliver personalized experiences in customer’s moment of need across online and offline channels.

Business Intelligence and Analytics systems integrated with back end applications, online/mobile with seamless integration helps to better understand shoppers’ behavior, provide a consistent customer conversation across multiple channels, thus consolidating disparate data sources and communicating with customers on their terms.

At USPL Airlabs, we help retailers by transforming their technology to take advantage of the latest in Analytics, Mobile, Business Intelligence, Order management systems and Social which will provide a 360-degree view of their customers, and outline how to best serve them across the entire purchase process.

USPL Airlabs enables retailers to be in the forefront by providing an amalgamated service portfolio comprising of Big Data, BI and Analytics.

Value Proposition

USPL Airlabs’ retail analytics services help organizations transform operational data into intelligent insights to

·         Facilitate quicker decision making at the strategic, operational and tactical levels

·         Manage retailer inventory based on customer demographic behaviors

·         Build customer models to improve conversion rates in a recommendation engine

·         Mature industry partner ecosystem (Cloud, Analytics) for Cloud and Analytics assuring customers scalable, future proof and collaborative solutions

·         Identify new revenue-generating opportunities, markets, segments etc.

·         Identify trickles into daily operations activities and help improve operational efficiencies

·         Provides visibility across the organization from top management to the end user level for their KPIs

·         Optimizing the return on existing business, IT and Technology investments

·         Reduced enterprise integration complexities arising due to heterogeneous environments, applications and systems

Continuous business process improvement through real-time visibility and control of the operations

Retail Industry is witnessing a sea of changes never witnessed before and there is a paradigm shift in the business models. Fierce competition, varying customer’s buying habits, humongous transactional data, unprecedented volatility and changing customer base are some of retail CIO’s top-of-mind concerns.

USPL Airlabs, provides the much-needed innovation leveraging a strong retail experience helps you derive maximum value across your retail value chain. We enable retailers to

·         Draw out actionable insights from the high volume of raw data being generated every day

·         Enable your staff to make ‘real-time personalized offers’ on the fly to each customer

·         Integrate entire customer channels to predict customers’ future buying behavior

·         Enable business users to measure performance by developing unified KPI / KRA dashboards

USPL Airlabs’ ‘Connected Retail’ framework combines the power of ‘Analytics driven Omni-channel solutions which analyse any retail scenario (planned and unforeseen), provide recommendations and enable execution.

We empower retailers with the power of data driven decision making to improve forecasting, supply chain, merchandizing, pricing, and marketing.

Our Business Intelligence(BI) Offerings

·         Enterprise Dashboards

·         Alerts & Prompts

·         Drill Downs

·         Enterprise Information/Content Management & Analysis

·         Self-service Mobile BI

·         Cloud Enablement

·         Reports and Dashboards Factory

Self Service BI Automation

Our Analytics Offerings

·         Econometric Forecasts

·         Segmentation & Profiling

·         Profitability & ROI Analysis

·         Lifetime Value Models

·         Scorecards

·         Optimization & Clustering

·         Decision Trees

·         Campaign ROI Analysis

·         Supply Chain Analytics


USPL Airlabs leverages “Big data” to help retailers edge out competition by combining data from customer browsing patterns, loyalty data, social sentiment, customer transactions, shopping patterns etc. – to deliver benefits like trend analysis, better inventory management, predictable demand forecast, targeted customer profiles, competitive pricing and promotions strategy.


·         Big Data Adoption Roadmap, Definition and Planning

·         Big Data Architecture

·         Technology Consulting – Apache, Hadoop, Cloudera, MapR

·         Real time Complex Event Processing (CEP)

·         Polyglot Persistence

Technology Services

·         Big Data – Scalable Architectural and Capacity Planning

·         Data Cleansing, Transformation and Modeling

·         Hadoop setup, Management and Administration

·         Data Warehousing and ETL on Hadoop Infrastructure

·         Big Data infrastructure, Analytics as a Service

·         Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing